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We live and work in western Colorado, and have multiple interests and hobbies. With numerous cats and dogs, our recreational lot, and Jer's toys we are kept busy. Keep up with us through our Blog Page posts, written when time and mood permit. Feel free to respond; click the little blue circle with the number on it at the bottom-right of any post to leave a comment or to read comments left by others.

Our Blog page "About Us" has general info and a photo of Pam with our 3 dogs, Blondie, Bru, and Jo.

The Adventure Begins. Posted September 13th. View Blog.

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For some toe-tapping Boogie-woogie music, click Dancin' The Boogiewoogie. Running time for this video clip is 2:49.

Need some humor in your day? Check out Jib Jab's original videos, or visit their home page for other humor-related fun.

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